Artist Statement

My name is Maj-Britt Mobrand. I was born and grew up in Stockholm, Sweden and am a weaver/artist. My father’s side of the family were textile people.

My grandmother was the village quilt maker and also a weaver. In her attic I saw my very first loom when I was a little girl, and first got the idea that I wanted to master one of those.

My grandfather was the village tailor and sat cross legged on the table while doing his sewing. Three of his four sons became tailors including my father, and his daughter a vest maker. My dad ended up being a cutter/designer of men’s clothing, one of the best and most prominent in Sweden.

As a teenager I listened to a lot of jazz and always dreamed of going to New Orleans where jazz was born and Harlem, N.Y. where it was popularized. My idol in Sweden was Charlie Norman, a well known Swedish piano player, who had a late night jazz program on the Swedish Radio. It was called “Nattugglan” (the Night Owl) and he would always play a boogie woogie tune every week. That is how I was introduced to boogie woogie. Much of my work has a jazz flavor to it.

Besides Jazz a lot of my inspiration is derived from running or walking in nature, traveling and from my students. It is wonderful to see what they come up with after I have given them the know how.

I have also been inspired by my grandchildren’s watercolors.

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